The Best Vitamins + Supplements to Support Your Health

The Right Supplements Can Help You Achieve the Mental and Physical Balance Necessary to Live a Vibrant Life.

For the last 40 years, Olivera Health + Wellness has been a dedicated partner in helping our patients create and maintain a healthy living plan that supports a vibrant and energized life.

A nutrient-dense diet optimized for whole foods can provide for many of our nutritive needs, but individual health challenges and needs can require a more intense intervention. Supplements are intended to work as a partner with other healthy living practices to help our patients build and maintain the best balance of nutrients to satisfy their physical and psychological needs.

We have partnered with reputable companies offering safe and proven supplements that address some of the most common needs of people pursuing a health living lifestyle. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of online supplement shopping, so that you know what you are ordering, what it can do for you, and that each supplement we offer has been tested and held to the highest quality standards.

Choose Your Preferred Category

We offer supplements to suit your needs in three categories: Recommended Vitamins + Supplements, Natural Weight Loss, and Natural Immunity Support.

We find that our patients need support in basic nutritive needs, additional weight loss support, and maintaining natural immunity function. Our goal is to ensure that you can find the correct supplements to meet your needs by keeping each of those categories distinct, allowing for ease in shopping as well as confidence that you are receiving the support that best fits your needs.

Recommended Vitamins + Supplements

At Olivera Health+Wellness, we promote a holistic approach to weight loss, which often entails preventing and/or correcting certain nutritional gaps in our patients’ busy lifestyles. This is why we offer an array of supplements and vitamins designed to target the specific needs of our patients, from products that offer conveniently delicious meal replacements and naturally potent anti-inflammatories to gentle formulas that support digestive regularity and stress reduction.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

We take pride in providing an array of products that are gentle yet effective in promoting weight loss. One way we do this is by offering you supplement options from companies that carry high quality, professional strength products and are backed by research. We are happy to offer non-pharmaceutical, scientifically-sound weight-loss supplements in our dispensary. These supplements can be used alone or together with Phentermine for an extra boost.

Natural Immunity Support Supplements

We believe that keeping our patients happy and healthy includes ensuring that their immune system is functioning at its best. When life gets stressful, immune system function can be adversely affected. This is why we offer a range of effective supplements, vitamins, minerals and botanicals that provide targeted support to keep your immune system functioning at its best. Our goal is to ensure that our patients are able to stay healthy and fight off disease to the best of their ability.

Order Online with Fullscript

Fullscript is a convenient Online Supplement Dispensary where active patients can order professional-grade, high-quality vitamins, minerals, botanicals and more, to be shipped directly to their home. There are a number of specific supplements prescribed by our staff to assist with weight loss efforts and support general wellness, but patients are also welcome to shop for products of their own choosing.

Please Note: Certain supplements recommended by Olivera (Thorne brand) are not available on Fullscript and can be purchased in person at either one of our two locations.