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How Alcohol is Interrupting Your Weight Loss

There are few things better than summertime in Chicago. Your weekends are often filled with BBQs, concerts, street festivals, pool parties and the great company of friends and family. Unfortunately, these social outings often accompany some tasty cocktails and fancy craft beers. It’s well known that alcohol won’t help your weight loss efforts, but you [...]

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Are You Eating Breakfast or Dessert?

Research shows that starting your day with a healthy breakfast can help with weight loss by curbing mid-afternoon cravings and binge eating. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should fill your body with dessert first thing in the morning. Pancakes, waffles, muffins, bagels, donuts, danishes, croissants and cereal are common breakfast foods that are high [...]

Avoid Winter Weight Gain

We see it almost every year, the cycle of winter weight gain.  There are about one hundred reasons (or excuses) for it… the holidays, the cold weather, the lack of sunshine, the “busy” time at work, traveling, family time, etc.  Surveys show an average of five to seven pounds of weight gain per year in [...]

The Truth About Vitamin D

It’s called the sunshine vitamin because it’s produced in the skin in response to sunlight, but most of us in the Midwest simply do not get enough of it.  In fact, an estimated one billion people worldwide have Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency. This deficiency can have significant health consequences.  Every tissue in the body [...]

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