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Back By Popular Demand! Dramatic Discounts On Injections!

Our special for the month of July was so popular, we've decided to extend it for one month only!  Hurry in to take advantage of dramatic discounts on injections now extended through August 31, 2017!  

Weight Loss Tip: Diet Like A Dietitian!

A common misconception about dietitians is that we don't enjoy food as much as everyone else, but I would argue the opposite.  Many of us absolutely adore food.  We do our best to "practice what we preach," but we experience the same temptations as our patients.  Despite what many people think, I don't have a "fast metabolism" and I will gain weight just like anyone else, but I maintain a healthy weight; here's how!  Learn to diet like a dietitian! 

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Sports Drinks and Weight Loss

Sports drinks are commonly misunderstood and used incorrectly.  If used incorrectly, sports drinks can easily "cancel out" some of the benefits of exercise, such asa calorie deficit, and therefore, weight loss. We’ve developed five basic tips to help you decide if sports drinks are right for you.

Don’t Get Hung Up On The Details – Think Big Picture

Which oil should I use?  Whole wheat or multi-grain?  One-percent or skim milk? Cooked vegetables or raw?  Should I only choose lower sugar fruits?  Are you getting hung up on the details of your diet?  Take a step back, and focus first on the big picture. 

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