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New Patient Appointment Just $89 in October

Initial Phentermine-based appointments are just $89 for new patients for all of October!  Receive a medical exam, nutrition and exercise guidelines, and an FDA-approved appetite suppressant, Phentermine.  Our experienced staff will help guide you in making the right choices to accelerate your weight loss. What are you waiting for?  After focusing so much time and [...]

Five Reasons Your Workout Is Failing To Cause Weight Loss

Have you been exercising to lose weight but haven't seen the numbers on the scale change?  Are you sick of exercising and not seeing results?  Here are five reasons your workout is not making you lose weight. 

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$89 New Patient Special!

Have you been busy focusing on your kids going back to school?  Have backpacks, pencils, notebooks, computers and sports dues been your focus lately?  Have you taken any time to take care of yourself?  Make some time for yourself this month and try Olivera Weight Management's proven program at a special, discounted rate!

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