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Autumn Special!

Visit us in November and pay only $60 for your December visit! Autumn is here and the holidays are right around the corner--you'll want to save as much as you can.  SAVE $30 by paying in advance for your December visit at Olivera Weight Management. Pay full price for your November visit, and $60 [...]

Fifty Percent off Lipo-Plex Injections!

Olivera Weight Management is offering 50% off of single Lipo-Plex injections during the month of November when it is added onto a Phentermine visit!  Instead of $20, adding a Lipo-Plex injection is a steal at just $10! The details: Limit one per person. Non-transferable. Must be purchased the same day as a Phentermine visit. Offer expires [...]

Consequences of Weight Bias and What You Can Do

Weight bias refers to negative stereotypes of patients with obesity that frequently lead to prejudice and discrimination.  Weight bias can leave you feeling down, depressed, stressed, ashamed, and even angry. Research shows that patients who experience weight bias in a healthcare setting are more likely to gain weight, rather than lose it!  So how do [...]

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Guaranteed Ways To Rev Up Your Metabolism!

Although a sluggish metabolism is rarely the cause for undesired weight gain, a faster metabolism would certainly help you lose weight!  Gimmicks on how to increase your metabolism are plastered all over the internet, but is there really a way to increase your metabolism to help you lose weight?  There is! It's not as "exciting" [...]

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Ten Weight Loss Myths

Some weight loss advice is so inaccurate, it sounds to professionals like it's straight out of a fiction novel.  The internet is filled with bad weight loss advice.  Some advice has no proven evidence supporting it, and others have research proving them to be untrue!  Here you will find some of the most common myths, [...]

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Expert Weight Management Now in Elmhurst and Chicago!

If you are ready for evidence-based weight management tools and strategies, come visit us at our new location in Elmhurst. You'll receive expert medical care dedicated to providing you with what you need to be successful.  Our providers focus on providing effective treatment for weight loss. At Olivera Weight Management, we offer a variety of [...]

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