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Real People, Real Results: Toi

Toi knew the numbers on the scale were increasing, but didn't realize how much until people at work started making comments.  She didn't feel confident or sexy anymore.  She drove past the gym twice every day, but struggled to find motivation to actually workout.  "I wanted to work out, but had no energy or motivation [...]

2020-09-04T10:49:48-05:00January 31st, 2018|Testimonial|1 Comment

Sweet Treats That Will Keep You Losing Weight

Losing weight can be hard!  Especially if you have a "sweet tooth."  Cravings for sweets can be intense and for some, very challenging to resist.  For many people, it is what is standing between them and losing weight.  Check out these sweet treats.  They will satisfy your sweets craving but are lower in calories than [...]

2020-09-04T10:49:55-05:00January 18th, 2018|Nutrition|0 Comments

Exercise You’ll Actually Enjoy!

Looking for an exercise that you don't hate?  What about one that you might even enjoy and look forward to?  If you haven't considered dance as an option for exercise, you are missing out!  Group dance classes aren't just for kids and professional dancers anymore.  They are growing in popularity and might be the right [...]

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Know What It Feels Like To Reach Your Resolution

At Olivera Weight Management, we strive to help all our patients experience that awesome feeling of finally reaching their weight-related resolutions.  If you are looking to get a bit of a boost at the beginning of your program, need some tools and support along the way, or want to know what diet would be the [...]

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