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Real People, Real Results: Isaac

Isaac's experience is a perfect example of the power of lifestyle changes and the programs at Olivera Weight Management.  Previously, Isaac had tried many other programs to better manage his weight, but none of them worked.  "I love food, so it's hard to go on a diet because you give up everything you love.  A [...]

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Healthy Microwave Popcorn!

If you are trying to lose weight but still need an easy, tasty snack, try making your own "homemade" microwave popcorn!  With this recipe, you will make your own popcorn, at a fraction of the cost of bagged popcorn at the store, without any of the trans-fats or unhealthy saturated fats.  Plus, it will only [...]

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Start Losing Weight Today at Olivera Weight Management in Elmhurst

Start losing weight today with Olivera Weight Management's proven weight-loss program.  This program combines the FDA-approved appetite suppressant, Phentermine, with easy to understand lifestyle changes.  No confusing diets, impossible to follow recommendations or saying good bye to your favorite foods.  Come in today, and we will teach you how! In Elmhurst, the clinic offers all [...]

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