Monthly Archives: May 2020

For Our Patients: What to Expect During COVID-19 Health Screening

As part of our ongoing commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of all of our patients and staff, health screenings are being conducted in the lobby of our building for all patients and staff. For your convenience, here is a brief look at what to expect: What to Expect When You Arrive COVID-19 Screenings [...]

The Chicago Office is Now Open for In-Office Appointments

We are thrilled to announce that, in accordance with the recently announced Illinois coronavirus response guidelines, the Chicago office of Olivera Health + Wellness is now open for appointments. At this time, our Elmhurst office will remain closed as we work to ensure that all safety precautions and protocols are in place. We appreciate your patience [...]

Natural Immunity Support Coaching with Dr. Eva

To say that most of us are currently dealing with high levels of stress is a gross understatement. Living through a pandemic is definitely no picnic, especially when our normal ways of coping with stress such as socializing with friends/family at relaxing gatherings like picnics are highly discouraged, if not banned, at this time. While [...]

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