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Chicago IV Therapy for Migraine Sufferers

Ask anyone who’s experienced a migraine, and they’ll tell you – with wide-ranging symptoms painful enough to disturb daily routines and disrupt everyday life, this all-too-common condition is no joke. And when it comes to getting relief, what works for some may not be effective for others. What’s more, migraine is often undiagnosed or underdiagnosed, [...]

The Benefits of IV Glutathione Treatment

As we strive to connect our Chicago area patients with the latest treatments to improve their physical health and well-being, Olivera Health + Wellness is now offering glutathione supplementation with IV hydration therapy. Glutathione has been demonstrated to boost immune system functionality, detoxify the body and help to combat the effects of aging. It is [...]

The Benefits of IV Multivitamin Supplementation

It’s often the case that people do not recognize the value of multivitamin supplementation until severe symptoms have already set in. With factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, air pollution and more all taking their toll on our bodies, it has become increasingly difficult for many people today to maintain a healthy vitamin [...]

Dehydration: The Hidden Risk of Flying

Did you know that you could become very dehydrated and sick while flying? It’s often said that flying is the safest way to travel. While there’s some merit to this, you should know that flying does come with one hidden danger that many are not aware of, and that’s the possibility of developing dehydration during [...]

5 Things to Look for in an IV Hydration Therapy Provider

A visit to Olivera Health + Wellness means assistance from trusted, experienced medical professionals in a comfortable, relaxing environment. There are a number of IV hydration providers in Chicago. But how do you go about deciding the best place for your own IV therapy treatment? There are a number of factors to consider, from the location to the staff [...]

A Closer Look at the Olivera Difference

Olivera is committed to excellence throughout every patient encounter. Olivera is dedicated to providing exceptional, affordable care to the Chicago community that stands apart from the rest, in every possible aspect. While we’ve been proud to offer medically-proven weight loss programs to our patients for more than 40 years, we recently expanded our services with [...]

Dehydration and Vitamin Depletion

Don’t let dehydration drag you down! When your body lacks proper hydration and the vitamins it needs, your energy and ability to fight off illness is reduced. IV therapy can counter these effects. Feeling run down? Low on energy? It happens to the best of us. It’s often caused by dehydration, which can negatively affect your [...]

Olivera Now Offering IV Therapy to Chicago Clients

IV hydration therapy has been shown to significantly improve symptoms resulting from migraine headaches, Crohn’s disease, hangovers and more. Olivera Health + Wellness has expanded its services, now offering a variety of IV therapy treatments at its location in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. IV hydration—previously available only in emergency rooms or at select urgent care facilities—can [...]

Introducing Olivera Health + Wellness in Chicago

New name reflects addition of a new service: IV hydration therapy treatments. For over 40 years, our trusted, experienced team of medical professionals has helped people in Chicago and Elmhurst overcome obstacles and achieve healthier, happier lives. We’re now excited to share our new name, Olivera Health + Wellness, and tell you about a new [...]

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