We all know that eating a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining an ideal weight and overall wellness. However, what many of us don’t realize is that even the most natural and organic food is not as rich in nutrients as it was fifty or hundred years ago. Our modern day farming methods have depleted our soils of minerals and the rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are also negatively affecting the nutritional composition of plants. In fact, some research studies have revealed that you would have to eat 21 of today’s oranges to obtain the same nutrition found in just one orange from the 1950’s!

Our chronically stressed lifestyles are also contributing significantly to nutrition depletion in our bodies. For example, Magnesium and B vitamins, which compromise some of the most essential co-factors for hundreds of biological pathways in the human body, are also some of the most rapidly lost nutrients in times of sustained stress. What this means is that overtime, most of us will likely become deficient in various vitamins and minerals, especially in those that support proper food metabolism and hormonal balance.

Here at Olivera we take nutrition seriously and believe most patients could benefit from supplementing with targeted nutrients. This is why our Lifestyle Medicine expert, Dr. Eva Dec, is hosting a FREE, ONLINE workshop on the “Essential Nutrients for Effective Weight Loss” on Saturday, April 4th, at 2:30pm via Zoom, an online video platform. During this upcoming workshop, Dr. Eva will cover the four main but often overlooked micro-nutrient deficiencies that are possibly sabotaging your weight loss efforts. She will also explain which types of foods are rich in these nutrients but also why dietary sources may no longer be adequate to prevent certain deficiencies. In addition, Dr. Eva will share the appropriate supplements and dosages needed to replenish the body and promote weight loss. Finally, she will discuss how to get more support with losing weight via specific and sustainable lifestyle changes.

So please join us on Zoom on Saturday, April 4th, at 2:30 pm for this invaluable information! You will gain knowledge on not only which nutrients to emphasize to maximize your weight loss, but also how to prevent deficiencies from developing in the first place and impacting your overall health. This is particularly timely in the light of current events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic when optimizing your health and thus, immune system, is of utmost importance. So don’t delay and register below as space is limited!

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