When most of us think about the month of February, images of Valentine’s Day cards, candy and roses usually come to mind. Surrounded by all things red and heart-shaped, you’d certainly be hard pressed to forget to show those closest to you just how much you care about them during this love-laced month. What many of us may not be aware of, however, is that February is also a designated American Heart Month and an ideal time to remind ourselves to focus on our heart health, as well as encourage our families, friends and communities to do the same.

Here at Olivera Health + Wellness, we strive to enhance our patients’ weight loss efforts, which in turn, helps you maintain normal blood pressure readings and reduce your risk of heart disease. To learn more about how to truly honor your heart this month and beyond, check out these helpful tips from Dr. Eva on lowering your blood pressure naturally!

Cut the “Caf”
Did you know that within 30 min of drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee the ability of your arteries to dilate drops significantly, causing your blood pressure to spike? So before your next Phentermine visit and/or blood pressure check-up, skip ALL caffeine (regular coffee, energy drinks, sodas, etc), and consider switching to decaf instead. Studies show drinking 2 cups of decaf per day may actually improve your heart function!

Be a Belly Breather
Are you a chest breather or a belly breather? Deep, belly breathing is the oldest and best-known technique to decrease stress and in turn, lower blood pressure. Start by placing one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. Now breathe in and out slowly, making sure your belly rises first and chest second. Practice this simple breathing technique for 15-20 min, twice per day.

Mind your Minerals
Did you know that high blood pressure may be a sign of a simple mineral deficiency? Modern life has stripped our diets and bodies of magnesium and potassium, two very important minerals for maintaining healthy blood pressure. This is why supplementing is a must these days! Olivera recommends the highly absorbable and great tasting MagSoothe supplement by JigSaw. Ask our staff for more details!

Do the DASH
Have you heard of the DASH diet? Experts believe this diet is helpful for those with elevated blood pressure because it limits their sodium intake. While that is true, there is another main reason why it works so well: the DASH diet also recommends eating less meat. So “doing the DASH” really means eating more plants, which are naturally low in sodium, and high in heart-healthy nutrients. Now that’s one dashing blood pressure-lowering combo!

However you manage to lower your blood pressure, whether it’s through lifestyle changes such as the ones mentioned above or via anti-hypertensive medication, the most important fact to remember is to keep it in the normal range. So if your blood pressure numbers are not hitting the mark, please seek out the help of a health professional who will help you design a heart healthy plan.

For more personalized support with lowering your blood pressure naturally, reach out to our Lifestyle Medicine expert, Dr. Eva Dec! You can schedule your appointment online or contact Dr. Eva directly at (312) 569-9331 – eva@olivera.com.