Nutrition + Healthy Lifestyle Support

Overwhelmed with having to navigate
nutrition and healthy living all on your own?

Need extra support around losing weight via
a natural and non-pharmacological approach?

At Olivera Health + Wellness, we are committed to helping all of our patients achieve a holistic and lasting state of health.

This is why we have enlisted the help of Dr. Eva Dec, a Lifestyle Medicine expert. As a naturopath, chiropractor, and holistic health coach with a diverse background, Dr. Eva is experienced in the management of patients with lifestyle-related conditions including weight issues and obesity, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic diseases.

Dr. Eva is excited to offer the following services to all new and existing Olivera patients:

Dr. Eva Dec
Director of Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine Physician
Holistic Health Coach

New! Immune Boosting Telehealth Consultation ($75/session)

Interested in strengthening your immunity naturally? Dr. Eva is now offering phone consultations focused on naturally boosting your immunity.

These consults  includes a 45-minute session with Dr. Eva where she will answer your immunity questions, identify areas in your lifestyle that could be affecting your immunity, give guidance on what foods to emphasize/avoid, and how to de-stres properly to enhance your body’s natural resistance.

You also receive a personalized recommendation for an immune-boosting supplement package that can be purchased on Fullscript, and delivered right to your front door.

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15 Minute Complimentary Phone Health Consultations designed to introduce you to the concept of Lifestyle Medicine and how it can help you achieve sustainable health results.

60 Minute Initial Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching Sessions ($100/session) designed to review your specific wellness goals and create a personalized lifestyle plan to reach them.

30 Minute Follow-Up Nutrition + Lifestyle Coaching Sessions ($50/session) designed to keep your accountable and supported as you navigate your personalized lifestyle plan.

Lifestyle Medicine Appointments ($150-300/session) designed for more comprehensive health support and advanced testing with the goal of uncovering and addressing the root cause behind your chronic symptoms.

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