Lifestyle Medicine Appointments

Get to the Heart of Your Health with Appointments Designed to Treat Chronic Health Concerns

Beyond the natural weight and wellness management offered by Olivera’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching services, our Lifestyle Medicine sessions are designed to provide our patients with an even deeper dive into their health. For those suffering from a multitude of chronic health concerns, such as thyroid dysfunction, hormonal disruption, gastrointestinal problems and/or autoimmune disorders, Lifestyle Medicine appointments with Dr. Eva will center around uncovering the root cause(s) behind these very challenging conditions.

Please read below for the exact details of what to expect from your Initial and Follow-up Lifestyle Medicine appointments…

Initial Lifestyle Medicine Appointment: 2 Hours, $300

During this initial session, you will have a private 2 hour in-person appointment (or via Telehealth for remote patients) spent entirely with Dr. Eva. The initial appointment is a very comprehensive and thorough visit. Dr. Eva will gather large amounts of detailed and accurate information on your medical history, review of bodily systems, and current health complaint(s), as well as perform an appropriate physical exam (or review recent exam records for remote patients).

During this appointment, you and Dr. Eva will work together to establish your health goals, address specific challenges you might be experiencing and determine what specialized lab tests to order*. Gathering information in this detailed manner will allow Dr. Eva to obtain a full assessment of your body’s state of health in an effort to design you the most Personalized Health Plan possible.

First Follow-up Lifestyle Medicine Appointment: 1 Hour, $150

During your first follow-up visit (in-person or remotely), Dr. Eva will present you with your lab test findings and a personalized health plan. The intention of this appointment is to help you understand exactly how your body has been functioning up to now and what can be done naturally to strengthen it. In the beginning of your visit, Dr. Eva will review in detail all of the findings from the specialty lab tests.

During this appointment, you will be advised of any nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and/or chronic pathogens that could be contributing to your persistent symptoms. In the next part of your visit, based on your lab results and health goals, Dr. Eva will present you with several options for how to manage these dysfunctions, and together you will formulate your Personalized Health Plan.

Next Follow-up Lifestyle Medicine Appointment: 1 Hour, $150

During your subsequent visits (in-person or remotely), Dr. Dec will continue to refine and revise your Personalized Health Plan as your body begins to respond and/or your health/life circumstances happen to change. These sessions are designed to help you check-in regularly about your progress/challenges, hold you accountable to your goals and eventually provide you with tools for self-reliance and personal responsibility around health maintenance.

Please Note: Dr. Eva does not accept health insurance and any specialized lab tests recommended by her represent an additional out-of-pocket cost to the patient.