Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Professional Strength Supplements for Gentle + Effective Natural Weight Loss

At Olivera Health + Wellness, we take pride in providing our patients with an array of services and products that are gentle yet effective in promoting weight loss. One way we do this is by offering you supplement options from companies that carry high quality, professional strength products and are backed by research. We are happy to report that we have recently added the following 5 new non-pharmaceutical weight-loss supplements to our dispensary: MediBolic, Berberine 500, Adipolean II, Adipo-Leptin Benefits, and UltraFlora Control.

Learn more about these scientifically-sound supplements, and find out how they can give you that extra edge most people need on their weight-loss journey…

MediBolic (Thorne)

A rice and pea protein-based nutritional powder supplement perfect for those on the go. It is packed with soluble fiber, a multi-vitamin/mineral complex, and additional unique botanicals and nutrients for weight and metabolic support. Some of the potential benefits for MediBolic include: supporting healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, and lipid levels, promoting lean muscle mass, enhancing thermogenesis, and providing nutrient support for fatty liver.

Berberine 500 (Thorne)

A bitter botanical compound found in many plants, beneficial for maintaining a healthy balance of normal bacteria in the intestines while promoting fat loss and a healthy immune system. This botanical extract also shows important effects with blood sugar metabolism, promoting maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity.

Adipolean II (Pure Encapsulation)

A combination of a clinically researched blend of Ayurvedic herbal extracts combined with a lychee and green tea complex. This formula is designed to support healthy weight management, promote normal blood glucose and maintain healthy abdominal circumference. Adipolean also contains anti-oxidants and thus, has immune-boosting properties.

Adipo-Leptin Benefits™ (DaVinci Labs)

A combination of four evidence-based ingredients that supports a healthy balance of the main metabolic hormones responsible for appetite control and satiety. With green coffee bean extract, brown seaweed, WellTrim® iF (IGOB131®) African Mango seed extract and GreenSelect® Phytosome™, this formula is ideal for those who struggle with excess weight due to an underlying endocrine imbalance. The potential benefits of Adipo-Leptin Benefits include natural appetite suppression, normal fat metabolism support, and promotion of already healthy blood sugar levels.

UltraFlora® Control (Metagenics)

Designed for long-term weight maintenance, UltraFlora Control contains a specific probiotic strain which has been clinically shown to help control body fat and body weight. With 10 billion live organisms in each capsule as Bifidobacterium lactis B-420TM, UltraFlora Control helps to not only reduce waist circumference and abdominal fat, but also modifies gut microbiota composition, leading to improved gut integrity. This single-strain probiotic is the perfect addition your weight management plan alongside a healthy diet, exercise and de-stressing routine.

Order Online with Fullscript

Fullscript is a convenient Online Supplement Dispensary where active patients can order professional-grade, high-quality vitamins, minerals, botanicals and more, to be shipped directly to their home. There are a number of specific supplements prescribed by our staff to assist with weight loss efforts and support general wellness, but patients are also welcome to shop for products of their own choosing.

Please Note: Certain supplements recommended by Olivera (Thorne brand) are not available on Fullscript and can be purchased in person at either one of our two locations.