Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Appointments

Get Help with Creating a Lifestyle That Promotes Weight Loss Naturally

Olivera’s Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching appointments are designed to help you take charge of your weight and health naturally via specific and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. These changes may include a personalized nutrition plan, a regular de-stressing protocol, a practical exercise routine, and the implementation of overall healthy habits on a daily basis. Together with our holistic health coach, Dr. Eva, you will learn how to overcome the common lifestyle hurdles that may be keeping you from losing weight and experiencing lasting wellness.

Initial Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Appointment: 1 Hour, $100

During this initial session, you will have a private 1 hour appointment (in-person or via telehealth) spent entirely with Dr. Eva. The first appointment will consist of you and Dr. Eva going over your previously completed health questionnaire and elaborating on your challenges with weight-loss and health, in general. You will also be asked additional pertinent details about your current lifestyle as well your goals to improve it. At the end of this visit, you will be provided with 3-4 specific and manageable health tasks, such as improvements in diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, that you will work on for the next 3-4 weeks, before your next appointment.

Follow-up Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Appointment: 30 Minutes, $50

During your follow-up appointment (in-person or via telehealth), Dr. Eva will check on your progress from the previous visit and address any concerns you may have about the recommendations you are following. Before the end of this visit, you will be provided once again with several new and/or revised improvements to your lifestyle and advised to follow-up in no later than 4 weeks. Regular coaching check-in appointments are recommended by Dr. Eva in an effort to keep you accountable and supported as you navigate your personalized lifestyle plan.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching appointments are not meant to provide treatment, replace your doctor’s advise or diagnose any health problems. They are also not appropriate for clients/patients with multiple chronic or complex health conditions.

Please refer to Olivera’s Lifestyle Medicine Appointments for a more comprehensive approach to systemic health problems.