What to Expect: Your First Lifestyle Medicine Appointment

Olivera’s New + Holistic Approach to Healthy Living + Weightloss

We are currently offering Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching as well as Lifestyle Medicine appointments to all new and existing patients. All of the appointments under our Lifestyle Medicine program are conducted by Dr. Eva Dec and can be done in-person at one of our locations (Lakeview or Elmhurst) or over the phone/video, depending on the appointment type and client/patient preference.

Please read below about what to expect from each appointment and don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!

Lifestyle Medicine Appointments

Address Health Challenges + Establish Healthy Goals + Evidence-Based Clinical Strategies

Dr. Eva requires your initial visit to be in-person so that she can perform your comprehensive physical exam. All subsequent visits can be done over the phone/video. For remote or out-of state patients, Dr. Eva requires proof of a recent physical exam (within 6 months) with a local physician in your area, so that we can ensure your health has been fully evaluated prior to your initial appointment at Olivera Health + Wellness.

The initial Lifestyle Medicine appointment is a very thorough visit and will take about 2 hours. Dr. Eva will gather large amounts of detailed and accurate information on your medical history, review of bodily systems, and current health complaint(s), as well as perform an appropriate physical exam (or review recent exam records in the case of remote patients). During this appointment, you and Dr. Eva will work together to establish your health goals, address specific challenges you might be experiencing and determine what specialized lab tests to order, if necessary. You will then be scheduled for your follow-up visit (1 hour long, in-person or remotely) during which Dr. Eva will present you with your lab test findings and a personalized health plan.

Please Note: Dr. Eva does not accept health insurance and any specialized lab tests recommended by her represent an additional out-of-pocket cost to the patient.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Appointments

Intuitive Progress for a Healthier Lifestyle

Unlike the Lifestyle Medicine appointments, no physical exam is necessary to start our coaching program. All of your visits can be held conveniently over the phone/video. However, Dr. Eva enjoys meeting all of her new clients/patients face-to-face and recommends that at least your initial visit be made in-person!

The initial Lifestyle Coaching appointment will take about 1 hour, during which Dr. Eva will go over your previously completed health questionnaire and will ask you additional pertinent details about your current lifestyle as well your goals to improve it. At the end of this visit, you will be provided with 3-4 specific and manageable health tasks, such as improvements in diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, that you will work on for the next 3-4 weeks. You will then be scheduled for your follow-up visit (30-min long, in-person or remotely) during which Dr. Eva will check on your progress, address any concerns you may have, and overall, keep you accountable as you continue creating your healthier lifestyle.