What to Expect: Your First IV Therapy Visit

Rehydrating and feeling better fast can be accomplished in five simple steps—and we at Olivera are committed to making this experience comfortable and enjoyable from beginning to end.

Perhaps you have a migraine that won’t go away. Or you’ve just gotten home from a busy week of grueling travel. Or maybe it’s a Saturday morning and you had a few too many cocktails the night before.

All of the above conditions—and many more—mean you’re likely dehydrated and experiencing a number of unwelcome symptoms. Fortunately, we can help you feel better—fast.

Our IV therapy solutions replace electrolytes, hydrate your body and improve overall function and well-being in about an hour. Here’s how it works:

1. Plan Your Visit
IV Therapy is available in our Chicago office, with hours to suit most busy schedules. Schedule your appointment online!

2. Register Easily
You can pre-register if you book online, which saves you time when you come in. If not, no problem! It only takes a few minutes to create your profile and provide your basic medical history, including any surgeries, allergies, existing conditions and medications.

3. We Customize Your Treatment
One of our friendly, experienced medical practitioners will guide you to an IV consulting room, where we’ll spend a few minutes getting to know you and understanding your needs. This interaction helps us determine what treatment is best for you. It also gives you the chance to learn about your options and ask any questions you might have. In terms of the IV itself, it can be inserted into a vein in your arm or the back of your hand.

4. Sit Back and Relax
After choosing your vitamin infusion, as well as any add-ons, you’ll unwind in one of our IV sitting rooms. These areas have been carefully designed to create a stress-free, ultra-relaxing environment with comfortable massage chairs. Treatments typically take about 60 minutes, giving you the ability to rest your eyes, check your phone or keep up with emails on your laptop—whatever you prefer.

5. Check Out Quickly
Because of the intravenous method, you’ll likely experience the benefits of IV therapy swiftly. Once your treatment has concluded, it’s a fast and easy checkout and payment process. You can even make your next appointment right on the spot.

Any questions? Give us a call at (773) 327-6624 or send us a note at office@olivera.com