Medical Weight Loss Telehealth

Medical Weight Loss Telehealth offers proven and professional support combined with the comfort and convenience of a simple phone call.

We know how hard it is to lose and control your weight, and at Olivera Health + Wellness we are dedicated to being your partner in finding solutions that work for you.

We understand that healthy living can involve different needs to suit different lifestyles, which is why over the past 40 years we’ve devoted our efforts to helping our patients find the right solutions to their individual challenges. Our medically-proven program combines the use of Phentermine with individual counseling on lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise. Our goal is for you to achieve long-term, sustainable weight loss.

As challenges arise for our patients and schedules become more hectic, we have widened our approach to include offering our safe and effective program via telehealth. Returning patients can reclaim their schedule, their health, and their free time by conducting their follow-up appointments over the phone.

Learn more about telehealth and how it works below, and find the answers to more questions with our Telehealth FAQ.

Telehealth for Return* Patients
$90 Per Appointment (thru 12/31/2021)
$100 Per Appointment (after 01/01/2022)
+ Phentermine Cost

This includes: 

  • Telephone consultation
  • Education and counseling
  • B12 injection