Your First Visit to Olivera for Weight Management

Now is the time to lose weight and keep it off

We love to assist our patients with obstacles that have kept them from losing weight. We’re supportive, empathetic and we understand what it takes to lose weight and keep the weight off.

When that time comes and you’re ready to make a change, a change that will impact every aspect of your life—from your interactions with family members and friends to the way you feel when you get up in the morning—we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started! So simply call us at (773) 327-6624 to schedule an appointment. Our staff speaks Spanish, too!

5 Things to Know About Your Visit

Take advantage of these helpful tips from the Olivera Weight Loss staff

1. New patients MUST schedule an appointment.
Appointments may be scheduled online or over the telephone. We’ll ask for some basic information to get you set up in our EHR system. Then, we’ll email you a consent and registration form to complete online before your visit.

2. You’ll receive a complete physical assessment and vitamin B12 injection.
In a private consultation room, one of Dr. Olivera’s specially trained medical staff will perform a physical assessment that includes measurements of height, weight, waist circumference, body mass index, heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, we will also listen to your heart and lungs, and offer you a vitamin B12 injection to help increase energy and your overall nutritional status.

3. We’ll discuss Phentermine and herbal weight loss supplements with you.
After your physical assessment has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive weight loss consultation. You will be offered a selection of meal plans that include recipes and shopping lists to help you with your nutritional goals. Medically-qualified patients will have the option to purchase Phentermine, the prescription appetite suppressant medication. In addition, we also carry a variety of herbal and non-pharmaceutical supplements to improve your metabolism and aid in weight loss.

4. Laboratory tests are required, either with us or your doctor.
Laboratory testing is required for all patients in our program by your second visit. Blood sugar, blood count, kidney function, liver function and thyroid level will all be assessed (CBC, CMP and TSH). You will have the option of having these drawn by your primary care physician (fax, email or bring us a copy), at the Quest laboratory in the building where our Chicago office is located, or any Quest lab location. You will need to obtain a lab requisition form from us first, to bring with you if you choose to go to the Quest lab. (Laboratory tests are not required for patients only receiving injections).

5. You first visit should take 30-45 minutes. 
Generally, follow-up visits typically take about 20 minutes.