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Medical Weight Loss

A Medical Weight Loss Clinic and Program You Can Trust

As one of Chicago’s oldest and most trusted weight loss clinics, Olivera Weight Management starts from a simple belief: We know how hard it is to lose weight!

Our medically proven program, developed over the past 40 years, uses Phentermine combined with individual counseling on lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise that can bring long-term, sustainable weight loss. Dr. Arturo Olivera and our staff understand the daily challenges you face in your effort to control your weight.

The Olivera approach is simple, direct and effective. We combine a clinically proven appetite suppressant with compassionate education and diet and lifestyle advice from our professional medical staff to help you lose weight, get healthier and enjoy more energy for the things you love to do. Find out more about what our patients have to say and what you can expect on your first visit.

My weight gain didn’t happen overnight (even though sometimes I feel like it did).  I knew I wasn’t going to lose it overnight.

The first two months taking the pills I didn’t lose as much weight as I was hoping to, so I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.

I stuck to the program and I started to see the fat just melting off.  Stick with it; don’t give up!


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