5 Tips for Wellness in Stressful Times

5 Tips for Wellness in Stressful Times

There is no denying that current times have been stressful, and more than ever a focus on wellness can make the difference. Stress can cause a number of health issues, which makes wellness practices critical both to minimize stress and provide a counter to its effects. At Olivera Weight Loss, we emphasize health for body, mind, and spirit, and offer a number of treatments to help alleviate stress and promote wellness. Here are some ways we help our patients keep their focus on staying healthy and minimizing stress:

Offer Yourself Gentleness
First and foremost, be gentle with yourself. Mistakes and imperfections are a normal part of life, and punishing yourself just makes stressful times even more stressful. Practice noticing and reframing self-critical thoughts to emphasize that it is okay to have a difficult time and that you are doing your best. If you are having trouble, let Olivera help! We believe in our patients, and help to reframe obstacles as learning experiences. 

Get Moving and Keep Moving
Nothing stops stress in its tracks quite like movement. We work with our patients to overcome obstacles in creating a healthy habit of activity, for health on every level. Start small – any activity is good activity! As you build good activity habits, you will gain greater flexibility and endurance, both for physical activity and for mental and emotional resilience. If you need coaching or support to get moving, make an appointment with our team. We provide our patients with empathetic encouragement and the best in medical interventions to boost and replenish energy. For example, we offer Vitamin B12 IM Booster Shots in single doses or a 4-pack to help keep energy boosted the healthy way.

Nourish Yourself from the Inside Out
Research shows that eating clean and healthy foods can have a profound impact on not just physical health, but also mental health. Focus on fresh fruits and veggies during difficult times in order to give your body the building blocks it needs to feel better and be more resilient against stress. Not sure where to start? Ask us! Our team of professionals works to help our patients create healthy and delicious meal plans that suit any balance of needs.

Cultivate a Positive Outlook
Research shows that people who work to create a positive outlook are more likely to achieve their goals, and more likely to recover from stressful events and setbacks. There are many tools that can help with the cultivation process, from gratitude journals to placing extra focus on noticing good things. We help our patients set reasonable goals and milestones, and we believe in finding opportunities in every challenge. We won’t give up on you, and we’ll work as a team to help you conquer!

Rest and Replenish
Activity is a great stress-buster, but so is balancing activity with rest and recovery. Olivera offers IV Hydration Therapy as a great option for rest and replenishment. Spend a relaxing hour in our comfortable chairs with soft lighting as your favorite infusion replenishes much-needed nutrients. Not sure what you need? Start with a Myers’ Multivitamin Cocktail, which comes packed with a variety of vitamins proven to relieve stress and inflammation.

Olivera Weight Loss strives to be a wellness partner to all of our patients, in order to set the stage for success and confidence. If you are having trouble with stressful times and feeling crushed by the weight of heavy events and self-defeating thoughts, let us be your support team to craft a healthy and positive environment to minimize stress. We believe every patient has what it takes to create a wellness plan that works for whatever life throws your way. Make your next appointment today, and discover the benefits of having our team in your corner!

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