PHEN-Plan (Phentermine)

If you prefer a tried-and-true weight loss approach, then maybe our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine) might be the right path for you. This has been the longstanding pillar of success in the Olivera approach. Decades of success have solidified Phentermine as a cornerstone in our approach to weight loss, consistently demonstrating its effectiveness in curbing appetite, boosting energy, and kickstarting metabolic processes. As a beacon of efficacy, our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine) reflects our unwavering commitment to safe and proven solutions rooted in medical weight loss science.

More About our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine)

Additionally, you can seize the opportunity to seamlessly integrate Phentermine into your weight loss strategy through our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine) Telehealth service. Qualified return patients gain access to telephone consultations, personalized education and counseling, B12 injections, and tailored meal plans – all from the comfort of home.

To qualify for Phentermine Telehealth, a previous in-person visit is essential. If you’re eager to start our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine) and a medical weight loss program, promptly connect with your physician to discuss your plans and obtain the required Letter of Medical Clearance before your initial visit, if needed. Some medications and specific medical conditions may necessitate this clearance, and our office is ready to address any questions regarding your medical history.

For those with well-controlled blood pressure, Phentermine is a viable option. Regularly monitor your blood pressure and adhere to your medication regimen. If your blood pressure exceeds 140/90, it’s crucial to refrain from Phentermine use. Your health is paramount at Olivera Weight Loss, and we’re here to safely guide you through every step.The time to embark on your healthier, happier journey is now. Take the decisive step towards transformative benefits with our PHEN-Plan (Phentermine) and Olivera Weight Loss. Don’t miss out on our offers! Reach out to us and get started on the path to a healthier you.

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SEMA-Plan (Semaglutide)

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering Semaglutide as a treatment option at Olivera Weight Loss, specifically chosen due to its ability to revolutionize your weight loss journey.”


In keeping with our holistic approach to health, we can also help elevate your weight loss journey with our thoughtfully crafted booster shots, each designed to enhance your wellness journey.


Our existing patients can now experience convenient and personalized care with Olivera’s Telehealth service. 

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