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Medical Weight Loss

A Medical Weight Loss Clinic You Can Trust

Weight loss means more energy for the people and activities you love.

As one of Chicago’s oldest and most trusted weight loss clinics, Olivera Weight Management starts from a simple belief: We know how hard it is to lose weight! Our medically proven program, developed over the past 40 years, uses Phentermine combined with individual counseling on lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise that can bring long-term, sustainable weight loss. Dr. Arturo Olivera and our staff understand the daily challenges you face in your effort to control your weight.

Medical Weight Loss

Nutrition Consultation

We Help You Find a Diet That Works for Your Lifestyle

Our Registered and Licensed Dietitian Offers Individualized Consultations

It’s important to find a nutrition program that works for you and your lifestyle. Our Registered and Licensed Dietitian Cassandra has advanced education, training and experience in nutrition. She specializes in weight-loss and type 2 diabetes, but can help patients with a variety of medical diagnoses. Her passion is in helping people overcome the challenge of weight loss to help them lead happier, healthier lives. Cassandra approaches each person as an individual, meeting them where they are in their weight-loss journey.

Nutrition Consultation

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