What's in SeasonWe often hear from patients that it is difficult for them to afford a healthier lifestyle. Here are 7 ways for eating healthy on a budget. While it’s true some “real food” can be pricier than processed food, there are many ways to eat healthier for less. Even on a limited income, making small changes and upgrades can have a huge impact on your health, and your weight!

The first step is for you to set a realistic food budget. Take a look at your last few monthly statements and figure out where you can cut expenses. Do you really need Starbucks every day? Do you need to buy the expensive drink or desert with lots of sugar? How often are you buying lunch or eating at restaurants?

Once you’ve set a budget for yourself, start implementing a few of the following suggestions, and in no time you’ll be on the way to eating clean while saving green, that is, money!

  1. Buy In Season: Not only do your fruits and vegetables taste better when bought in season, but they’re a whole lot cheaper too! In general, buy your broccoli and berries in the summer, apples and squash in the fall and root vegetables in the winter. For a full seasonality chart, check here https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/seasonal-calendar/20041
  2. Buy Frozen Fruits and Veggies: I believe fresh is always best, but a lot of research shows that if it is frozen right when picked, frozen fruits and veggies can contain just as many nutrients as fresh ones. These are already pre-washed and pre-cut which saves you time on the preparation. And time is money, right? Speaking of money, frozen fruits and veggies are almost half the price of fresh ones. Always remember to look at the ingredients, avoid those that contain added salt or sugar.