woman-eating-grapes-at-holiday-partyAt Olivera Weight Loss we want you to have a happy AND healthy holiday season.  We know that eating healthy during the holiday season at social gatherings can be a challenge. Here are some ABC’s on how to do it right:

Anticipate the challenge and plan ahead!   This would be a good time to get on top of physical activity and healthy eating habits.  We encourage you to do at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days a week and center your meals around vegetables, fruits, minimally processed whole grains, protein, and lean poultry.  This is also a good time to start looking for healthy recipes to cook for your holiday meals.

Bring your own dish.   Bring your own healthy dish to the party.  You will make a good impression and will have something healthy to eat if there are limited or no healthy food options at the party.  If you need some help, we have lots of good recipes on our blog.

Control your hunger.   Make sure you eat a healthy nutritious snack