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Healthy Living with Gratitude: Tips and Tricks for Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving holiday is most often celebrated as a hearty meal with family and friends. While the temptation to indulge is high, and especially this year when many of us are feeling isolated from those we usually celebrate with, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday joyfully - and indulgently - without sacrificing your [...]

Ring in the Holidays with Our Telehealth 3-Pack Special

At Olivera Health + Wellness, we believe in eliminating obstacles to help our patients achieve their healthy living goals. This year, our patients have been challenged more than ever, and we have risen to the occasion with our newest offering - Medical Weight Loss Telehealth. With the enthusiastic response from patients, we have challenged ourselves [...]

Cut the Candy: Sugar Addiction and Weight Loss

Sugar addiction is one of the top concerns of anyone looking to reclaim their health. As evidence continues to mount that sugar can be not only addictive, but come with the same withdrawal symptoms as drug abuse, many find themselves concerned about not just eliminating this harmful cycle from their lives, but making sure the [...]

Chill Out! Reduce the Effects of Stress with IV Infusions

It is no secret that the cumulative effects of stress can be hard to handle. Thanks to a year full of additional stressors related to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are feeling the cumulative effect of constant stress at a higher level than usual. There are many ways that stress can take its toll [...]

Create a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle on Your Schedule

Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the modern world can sometimes seem impossible. While experts agree that a balanced lifestyle is critical to health on every level, the demands of everyday life - especially as a worldwide pandemic turns established routines on their heads - can be daunting to manage. Too often, when life [...]

Seasonal Foods to Boost Your Health

Eating with the seasons, although not a new concept, is a vital one to anyone working to create a healthier lifestyle. Experts agree that a healthy diet full of whole foods is the best source for your health needs, and that the best nutrient profile comes from fruits and vegetables that are in season. However, [...]

Shop Smart for Supplements to Keep You Healthy

One of the most challenging aspects of the current pandemic and its restrictions on in-office care has been a loss of safe avenues for finding and buying supplements. Experts agree that while a healthy diet full of whole foods is the best source for your health needs, many people find that they need to supplement [...]

Tips for Staying Active and Healthy During a Pandemic

When it comes to health, nothing has complicated setting and keeping healthy living goals quite like this year’s Covid-19 closures and restrictions. For most people, staying active means crafting a routine and sticking to it, and the year to date has been anything but routine. As you acclimate and seek out activities that fit your [...]

Meet Our Medical Weight Loss Telehealth Provider

At Olivera Health + Wellness, we take pride in our personalized approach to healthy living and weight loss. Our Medical Weight Loss Telehealth option is a great way for our patients to get the care they need while enjoying greater freedom and mobility. To ensure that our Telehealth patients continue to have that personal connection [...]

Chicago’s Best Medical Weight Loss Clinic: Olivera Health + Wellness

To provide the best medical weight loss service and to prioritize the health and safety of our patients and staff, our practice will be open in our Chicago office only. The safety practices at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center are the best available to safeguard the well-being of all visitors and staff. Therefore, we will [...]

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