skates-1201773_960_720We see it almost every year, the cycle of winter weight gain.  There are about one hundred reasons (or excuses) for it… the holidays, the cold weather, the lack of sunshine, the “busy” time at work, traveling, family time, etc.  Surveys show an average of five to seven pounds of weight gain per year in the winter.  But winter comes around every year and we have some great tips and tricks to prevent those pounds from packing on.  Beat the statistics, because those five to seven pounds this year become ten to fourteen next year, and so on.  See the recipes, links and ideas below for a healthy winter both this year and for years to come.

  • Let the Light (and Vitamin D!) Shine In. Less daylight makes you feel more tired. Early morning light is a natural energy booster so leave your curtains open to help you wake up a little earlier for a morning workout. Getting less sunlight just makes us feel down in the dumps overall. To combat these feelings we eat more carbs and sugar which release dopamine and make us feel better. To avoid emotional eating, start the day off right with a little sunshine!
  • Put Away the Snow Blower: Shovel the snow instead and burn a couple hundred calories! Then build a snowman or have a snowball fight with the kids for some extra fun and physical activity.
  • Try a Winter Sport (actually do it this year!): Skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or throw on some ice skates and check out the new Maggie Daley skating ribbon. Click