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“What’s the best exercise to lose weight?”

Some say rowing, swimming or weight lifting, but what is it really?

Looking for the best exercise to lose weight?

Most simply put, it’s the one you will do.  Whatever exercise you are able to do and stick with is really going to be the best exercise to help you lose weight.  Yes, swimming burns a lot of calories, but if you don’t have regular access to a pool, that information doesn’t exactly help you lose weight.

Yes, some exercises burn more calories than others, with a greater amount of calories being burned when exercise intensity is increased.  Running burns more than walking, doing anything going uphill burns more calories than doing the same thing on a flat surface, and circuit training burns more than casually lifting weights.  Essentially, if you are looking to burn more calories while exercising, try increasing the intensity of the activities you already enjoy.

To give you a little bit of an idea, here is the amount of calories a 185 lbs person would burn doing 30 minutes of specific exercises, according to publications from Harvard:

  • Weight lifting, general, 133 calories
  • Walking, 15 mph pace, 200 calories
  • Weight lifting, vigorous, 266 calories
  • Hiking, 266 calories
  • Roller blading, 311 calorie