Spotlight on Vitamin D in the Age of COVID-19

At Olivera Health + Wellness, a focus on immune health is a longstanding cornerstone of our comprehensive approach to keeping you happy and healthy. From multi-vitamins to targeted vitamin and mineral supplements, we offer a range of products aimed at helping you stay in peak condition and ward off illness. But now, with the ongoing [...]

How Much Less Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

Although sharing an ice cream cone with you dog may help you feel like your eating less, it probably isn't enough to help you lose weight.  “Eat less, move more” is the most simplistic weight loss advice that people often hear.  It sounds simple, but it’s also very vague.  “Eat less.”  How much less?  What [...]

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Sweet Treats That Will Keep You Losing Weight

Losing weight can be hard!  Especially if you have a "sweet tooth."  Cravings for sweets can be intense and for some, very challenging to resist.  For many people, it is what is standing between them and losing weight.  Check out these sweet treats.  They will satisfy your sweets craving but are lower in calories than [...]

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Ten Weight Loss Myths

Some weight loss advice is so inaccurate, it sounds to professionals like it's straight out of a fiction novel.  The internet is filled with bad weight loss advice.  Some advice has no proven evidence supporting it, and others have research proving them to be untrue!  Here you will find some of the most common myths, [...]

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Don’t Get Hung Up On The Details – Think Big Picture

Which oil should I use?  Whole wheat or multi-grain?  One-percent or skim milk? Cooked vegetables or raw?  Should I only choose lower sugar fruits?  Are you getting hung up on the details of your diet?  Take a step back, and focus first on the big picture. 

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