Changing Seasons, Changing Habits

Changing Seasons, Changing Habits

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Summer. Say what you will, just about everyone loves it. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why. Sunny days, the occasional breeze, and plenty of casual get togethers. When the sun is out in full force, we’re ready to let it rip! More than anything we want to make the most of our time outside, before Fall comes.  And unlike gatherings during the end of year holidays, summer events are more casual events, with way less pressure and a more relaxing atmosphere. In fact, the things they almost always have in common, is a grill, a cooler, and lots of food and drinks. Pool party? Grill. Day at the park? Coolers of drinks and snacks. Fireworks on the 4th? All of the above. We can’t really help it, it’s beautiful outside, and we want to be part of it! Who could blame us? But sometimes, we let our enthusiasm run away with us. We overdo it, and as a result, we develop some unhealthy habits with food. But as we enter Fall, and the temperature starts dropping a bit, we start spending a little less time outside. But it’s easy to hold onto the other habits we’ve formed. Just as the seasons change, we know, deep down, it’s time to let these bad habits fall away, so we can make room for some new and improved ones. So, with that in mind, how do we get back on track with our fitness and weight goals? Let’s find out.

First And Foremost, Building Good Habits does NOT mean “Be Hard on Yourself”

It seems like every time we start on the path to improving our weight and health, we insist on being as rigid as we can. While that instinct may come from a good place, ultimately, its counterproductive. It’s not helping us, and in fact, when we do subject ourselves to such harsh measures, such as super restrictive dieting, and denying ourselves things we enjoy, we end up losing sight of the original goal. More importantly, it’s just not sustainable, and when our will power breaks, we end up doubling down on our previous bad habits. Improving our health is not about punishing ourselves, it’s about being happier and getting more out of our lives. So, as a point of self-care, we should do our best to make sustainable changes, such as educating ourselves regarding what we put into our body and forgive ourselves when we slip up. So, where do we begin?

Not All Sugar is the Same

One of the biggest culprits in the obesity epidemic is sugar. Not surprising really, when you consider that most of what we eat, and drink is chock full of it. Even if products don’t say “Sugar” in plain writing, its usually there. Now, not all sugar is created equal, and there are some beneficial effects, for example, according to the National Institute of Health “Glucose is Essential Metabolic Fuel for the Brain”. But that doesn’t mean overdo it. Not all sugars are glucose, and more to the point, sugar doesn’t make you feel full. In fact, because sugar activates the pleasure and reward center of our brains, it makes us crave more, while not making us feel full. Which leads us to our next point.

Increase Fiber Consumption

While people generally flock to sugar, they do the opposite with fiber. It is estimated that 95% of Americans don’t get enough fiber in their diet, and that is a serious problem, both for digestion, and overeating. It’s a pretty well-known fact that fiber is excellent at helping us digest, but when it comes to its role in helping us keep our appetites in check, it really is an unsung hero. That’s because fiber is what helps us feel full. While sugar makes us crave more, fiber says “Ok, that’s enough.” It helps keep us on the straight and narrow. Make sure to eat the daily recommended amount of fiber, and you’ll see, self-control will be much easier! How much, you ask? Well, according to the Mayo Clinic, women should aim for 21 to 25 grams a day, while men should try for anywhere between 30 to 38 grams per day!

Stay Active!

Summer is over, you are building better habits, but you also probably won’t be out and about as much. A sedentary lifestyle is a major contributor to problems with weight, as well as blood pressure. To that end, do little things to stay active! It doesn’t have to be anything too intense, just consistent, and within your ability. For example, a short walk after meals has shown aid in digestion, as well as in keeping blood sugar more manageable! Little things add up, and consistency is key!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

For all the good habits we try to build to help ourselves, this is one of the ones we struggle with the most. Accepting we need to change our habits to improve our health is one thing but admitting it to others always seems intimidating. Changing for our own benefit is difficult, but there is no rule saying we have to do it alone. In fact, seeking help has a way of making it easier, not just physically, but mentally. Finding someone to help and share the load with you is one of the best ways to both receive the support and help you might need, and it comes with the added benefit of accountability. 

Bearing that in mind…

Improving Weight and Health is a Medical Issue

People tend to treat excess weight as more of a social issue than a medical one, but the fact of the matter is that medical professionals are the people most qualified to help. With over 40 years practicing in the field, who better than the first weight loss clinic in the Chicago area? The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have a wealth of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off. At Olivera, we use Phentermine as a part of your treatment. Phentermine is FDA approved, clinically proven, and most importantly, safe. 

If you are wondering what Phentermine is, it is an appetite suppressant, which helps you curb overeating, or in other words, helps you eat to live, and not live to eat. When you come to Olivera, you’ll do it with the knowledge that you are receiving industry leading care, in a safe environment, from people who truly have your best interest at heart.


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