We Are Now Checking Vitamin D Levels!

We Are Now Checking Vitamin D Levels!

sunWe are noticing very low levels of Vitamin D in many of our patients at Olivera Weight Loss. Vitamin D, a nutrient found in some foods and obtained from the sun’s rays, helps the body to absorb calcium. Calcium and Vitamin D both play important roles in overall bone health and the immune system.

Why we check your Vitamin D level?

85% of people are Vitamin D deficient. An average of 15-30 min of direct sunlight is needed per day to keep normal blood levels. Once a person is deficient in Vitamin D they must take high dose Vitamin D to increase their levels.

People at risk for Vitamin D Deficiency:

  • Older adults
  • People with darker skin
  • People with Crohn’s disease or Celiac disease.
  • Obese people
  • People with lack of sun exposure

Maintaining appropriate Vitamin D levels will help to:

  • Maintain bone health and integrity
  • Fight against certain cancers
  • Increase the immune system
  • Maintain a healthy weight

We will be monitoring patients for Vitamin D deficiency through blood tests. If you are found to be deficient we are now offering high dose prescription strength Vitamin D at Olivera Weight Loss. 

Treatment for Vitamin D deficiency consists of prescription strength Vitamin D taken one time per week for 8-12 weeks. After 3 months of initiating treatment, the Vitamin D level must be rechecked to assure an optimal blood level.

Once your levels are back to normal you will need to take low dose daily Vitamin D that is available over the counter.

Vitamin D levels will be checked with the annual check-up or immediately on request.

Jayme R

Family Nurse Practitioner





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