It is no secret that the cumulative effects of stress can be hard to handle. Thanks to a year full of additional stressors related to the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us are feeling the cumulative effect of constant stress at a higher level than usual. There are many ways that stress can take its toll on your body, including emotional effects and even suppressed immune function. When we’re all doing our best to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit, our best option is to seek ways to lower our stress levels.

At Olivera Health + Wellness, we offer IV Infusions, one of the safest and most comprehensive methods of combating stress. Safe and gentle IV Therapy combines the stress-busting power of hydration and nutrient boosts with the calming and gentle effect that comes with rest. Our patients come in to experience a safe, clean, healthy environment and enjoy the benefits of relaxing in a comfortable chair with soft lights as the nutrients in our IV Infusions do their healing stress-reversing work.

Are you craving the relaxation that comes with spending safe time out of your house and in a calming therapeutic environment? Read on for an introduction to our best stress-busting IV Infusions:

Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy
If you’re suffering from a cocktail of stress symptoms, let Myers’ Cocktail help you chill out on every level. With a blend of multivitamins to help increase immune support and restore overall balance to your mind, body, and soul, Myers’ Cocktail is the perfect IV to alleviate chronic symptoms such as inflammation, fatigue, and stress.

Immunity IV Therapy
If stress has caused your immune function to take a dive, get your best line of health defense back in peak form with Immunity IV. This infusion improves immune health, battles cold and flu, improves mental clarity, and is great for replenishing your body after a long day of travel.

Energize IV Therapy
Has stress left you feeling drained and swimming in a cloud of mental fog? Energize IV brings a powerful combination of Vitamin B-Complex and amino acids to help you kickstart your metabolism, burn fat, and feel clearer and more energized.

Beautify IV Therapy
Has stress caused your complexion to lose its luster, or triggered hair loss or breakouts? Beautify IV provides a beauty boost from the inside out with a blend of hydration, high-dose Glutathione, and Biotin for hair, skin, and nails.

Migraine Relief IV Therapy
Does stress give you migraines or similar persistent headaches? Our Migraine Relief IV is designed to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible, with hydration, essential minerals, and an optional fast-acting painkiller.

Stress may be a part of our pandemic lives, but it doesn’t have to take over your health and your life. Let Olivera Health + Wellness help you discover the difference that safe and effective interventions can have. Make your appointment today and enjoy a full hour of bliss as you listen to your body and tend to its needs. We take your health seriously, and we appreciate having the opportunity to help our patients get through this year safely and in great health.