Cold or Flu Symptoms? Advanced Treatment Options with IV Therapy Can Help

Cold or Flu Symptoms? Advanced Treatment Options with IV Therapy Can Help

At last, another harsh Chicago winter is finally giving way to Spring – but that doesn’t mean we are completely out of the woods when it comes to cold and flu season.

With severe symptoms including high fever, nausea, body aches, and diminished appetite, the flu affects anywhere from 5% to 25% of Americans every year, with around 200,000 being hospitalized. While peak season runs from December through February, it’s not unheard of to get the flu as late as May. And as for the common cold, with its milder symptoms of cough, congestion, and fatigue, it afflicts people year-round.

If you’re looking to recover from a nasty late-season cold or flu, IV therapy from Olivera Health & Wellness could be the answer. How can IV therapy help you recover from a cold or flu?

Re-hydrating the Body
Both the cold and flu cause dehydration – which is why doctors and moms alike will advise you to drink plenty of liquids while you are sick. On its own, even mild to moderate dehydration can bring a host of unpleasant side effects including headaches, constipation and lightheadedness. IV therapy fights the effects of dehydration and helps keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Replenishing Vital Nutrients
To function at top efficiency, your immune system needs the appropriate balance of vitamins and minerals – and when you’re sick, that balance can be upset. IV multivitamin supplementation can bolster your immune system and speed up your recovery process.

To help Chicago area cold and flu sufferers get back on their feet, Olivera Health & Wellness offers a range of IV therapy options, including a standalone Vitamin C booster, and the Myers’ Cocktail, an essential vitamin formula that boosts immune function and replenishes the body’s electrolytes.

Olivera also offers Toradol, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that combats inflammation and can help reduce the pain and fever that often comes with a cold or flu.

Ready to kick that stubborn late-season cold or flu, and put winter behind you? Schedule an appointment with Olivera Health & Wellness today by calling us at (773) 327-6624 or visiting our Chicago location during regular business hours. IV hydration therapy is coming soon for the Olivera Elmhurst location, too. Look for availability starting in late April.

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