Coming Soon! Save Big in 2022 with New Package Deals

Coming Soon! Save Big in 2022 with New Package Deals

A new year is starting soon, bringing new things to Olivera Weight Loss! Starting on 1/1/2022, we are thrilled to bring our patients new savings options on our most popular treatments, offering great deals on consistent care! As one of Chicago’s top Medical Weight Management clinics, we believe that supporting our patients in receiving consistent ongoing care will help to not just achieve healthy living goals, but maintain the results. Starting on 1/1/2022, our new package deals will offer increased savings the longer you go – read on to find out how to save up to 15% in the coming year on the treatments that build health and healthy habits!

New for 2022 – Phentermine Packages for Medical Weight Loss
Our most popular safe and proven effective Medical Weight Management treatments just got easier to afford with new 3 and 6 month packages! Starting on 1/1/2022, choose from our In-Office Option, our Telehealth Pharmacy Pickup Option, or our Telehealth Home Prescription Delivery Option – whichever one you choose, you’ll get the same great savings. Save $33 on 3 month packages, and $99 on 6 month packages!

Save a Bundle on Booster Packages in 2022, up to a 24-Pack
Our most popular Boosters are getting multipack upgrades! B12 Boosters and Antioxidant Boosters will have a 4-Pack option that saves you $10. That’s great news, but the even bigger news is that Lipo-MAX, Slim Boost, Beauty Boost, and Immune Boost will come in 4-pack, 12-pack, and 24-pack to help you maximize your results and your savings! Starting in 2022, the savings grow as the packages get bigger, from a $10 savings on a 4-Pack to a whopping $144 savings on a 24-pack. That’s an unbeatable deal you can’t pass up!

What makes the 2022 Package Deals a great way to get healthy?

Package Deals bring Savings and More!
Most importantly, with a package deal you save money! For example, you can save almost $100 with a 6-month in-office package. Package deals also provide motivation – patients who pay upfront are more likely to attain their weight loss goal by being more committed to the program. Best of all, because it’s all paid upfront, there’s only one bill and you’re done.

Olivera’s Package Deals are Flexible
Life happens, and we know that flexibility helps our patients get back on track even after an unforeseen setback. We give you a grace period to complete using your package. If you buy a 3-month package, you have 6 months from purchase date to use it. For a 6-month package, you have up to 12 months.

We Take the Sting Out of Rethinking
We understand that sometimes a package deal turns out not to be the right fit. If you don’t use the whole package within the time period allowed, just pay a $10 administrative cancellation fee (because it takes admin time to adjust). You’ll also lose all the discounts the packages offer, and we’ll have to charge you the full fee for those services you did receive. Any balance left after those charges are deducted will be returned to you, so that you can invest in your wellness in a way that’s a better fit for your needs.

Package Deals Help You Navigate the New 2022 Pricing with Ease
In the coming year, some fees are changing to keep up with rising costs. But many fees are staying the same! The most important change is that we’ve created new packages for Medical Weight Management and IM Booster Shots so patients like you can save money with repeat visits. We value our loyal customers, and we want to make it easy to come and see us all year.

Olivera Weight Loss is dedicated to helping everybody and every body achieve their healthy living goals without breaking the bank. Take advantage of our new package deals in 2022 to get quality care at a great savings all year long!

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