Consequences of Weight Bias and What You Can Do

Consequences of Weight Bias and What You Can Do

Weight bias refers to negative stereotypes of patients with obesity that frequently lead to prejudice and discrimination.  Weight bias can leave you feeling down, depressed, stressed, ashamed, and even angry. Research shows that patients who experience weight bias in a healthcare setting are more likely to gain weight, rather than lose it!  So how do you avoid suffering from weight bias?

Weight bias in healthcare can range from a provider spending less time with their patients who suffer from obesity, to overt ridicule related to weight.  The consequences of this treatment can result in receiving poor medical care to a higher likelihood of weight gain and depression.  So what can you do?

First and foremost, you are your best advocate.  If you feel you are not receiving adequate medical care or are being discriminated against, SPEAK UP.  Discuss your needs with your doctor.

Remember, you choose your doctor.  Of course there can be some challenges with switching providers, but keep in mind that you can choose who takes care of you, medically speaking.  If you are not happy with your doctor, fire him and get a new one!

If your doctor tells you to lose weight, ask him/her how, specifically he/she expects you to do that.  You have a right to receive real advice about what behaviors you can change, not just some vague instruction.

Help combat weight bias by refusing to participate in jokes related to body weight.  Stand up for yourself!  Let people know when they are being inappropriate.

Lastly, choose a provider who specializes in treating obesity, like Olivera Weight Loss.  When you come to Dr. Olivera’s office, you are being cared for by providers who are passionate about helping people suffering from obesity.  You still get to keep your primary care provider, as we will focus on your weight loss to help improve your overall health.  We use research-proven strategies, approaches and tools to help our patients achieve successful weight loss.  We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.  In our remote Nutrition Consultations, our Registered Dietitian develops a plan customized to meet your needs without you ever having to leave your home.  Phentermine, an FDA approved appetite suppressant proven to help patients lose weight, is available at Olivera Weight Loss for patients who qualify.   For more information on pricing and our other services, please visit our webpage or give us a call at 773-327-6624.  Follow us on Facebook for free weight loss tips, recipes and more.

*Please note, appointments are required for new patients and strongly encouraged for returning patients to minimize wait times.*


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