Advice on how to lose weight frequently comes from friends, colleagues, television shows and ads, radio shows, and so on, but few people have actually heard weight loss advice from a physician specializing in weight loss.  Dr. Olivera and the team of medical professionals at his weight loss center have been helping people overcome challenges and lose weight for nearly 40 years.

Dr. Olivera is committed to the philosophy that nutrition is the foundation of health. He believes in healthy eating to avoid the development of illness, rather than just treating diseases. Dr. Olivera firmly believes that

“small changes can make a big difference.”

Dr. Olivera’s advice to people who want to start losing weight is to progressively make small changes.  In other words, make small change, master it, then move on to another small change.  Rely on experts, like the staff at Olivera Weight Loss, to help you decide which changes will be the most