Have you heard of different mixtures of lemon, cayenne pepper and honey to lose weight?  Well, you probably haven’t heard of this!

On Facebook, Instagram and all over the internet you will find different recipes for detox, weight loss, liver support and to melt fat.  Each one claims to be the fast and easy key to losing weight.  There’s one thing they don’t tell you, however;


Plain and simply stated, they just don’t work.  There’s nothing special about cucumber water, other than that it tastes like cucumber.  This goes for the other popular mixtures as well.  Additionally, some of those mixtures add sugars and unwanted calories, which can be counter-productive to your weight loss efforts!  If you want to help your body effectively “detox,” drink enough water.  If you want to support your liver and other organs, drink enough water and make sure to get a nutrient-rich, balanced diet.  If your diet has some “gaps” in it, consider taking a multivitamin.  Save yourself the time and effort of these concoctions and focus on drinking water, eating more vegetables, avoiding added sugars and exercising.  Those