Great Exercise App for your Smartphone – RunKeeper

Great Exercise App for your Smartphone – RunKeeper

Are you looking for a great exercise app for your iPhone or Android smartphone? Maybe trying to lose weight with exercise? If so, RunKeeper is a must have app! RunKeeper is a free mobile app for running, walking, cycling, skiing, and a bunch of other fitness activities.

RunKeeper appAt Olivera Weight Loss we encourage our clients to exercise, and this app helps you have some fun FUN while you exercise. RunKeeper lets you track your workout performance over time, while connecting with your friends to make your workouts social.

I have been using RunKeeper and just love this application! RunKeeper is designed to track your physical activity done outdoors. What’s nice about the application is that in addition to measuring your time and distance of physical activity it also:

  • Checks incline
  • Outlines activity on a GPS map
  • Measures calories
  • Compares your recent and past physical activity
  • Keeps a log available to yourself and others
  • Accesses your music for personalized playlist

And here’s the best part! RunKeeper is free, and it’s not just for runners! It also measures many different forms of activity including cycling, walking, skiing, and lots more.

If you need a little help, give us a call at Olivera, our awesome staff is always ready to help you with your healthy exercise goals.

Download RunKeeper and check it out. I’m sure you will become addicted (to exercise) as well!

Jayme R, BSN, FNP-C

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