Find Fast Relief with Migraine Relief IV Hydration Therapy

Find Fast Relief with Migraine Relief IV Hydration Therapy

When a migraine strikes, fast relief that lasts becomes the priority before anything else. Olivera Weight Loss is proud to introduce one of the most effective migraine treatments available – Migraine Relief IV Therapy. This gentle yet effective treatment includes saline, magnesium, and Toradol, a formula that brings relief for most acute migraine symptoms, with remarkably milder side effects compared to any other available treatment. Read on to learn more about what makes this treatment so effective:

  • Why Saline?
    Saline provides gentle hydration mixed with a therapeutic balance of electrolytes. This addresses
    dehydration as a possible migraine trigger while also ensuring that other necessary basic nutrients are also provided – the lack of which can also trigger a migraine. Water mixed with the right balance of sodium and other nutrients ensures that all possible deficiencies are addressed, without aggravating an imbalance.
  • What Makes IV Magnesium Effective?
    This therapy has been shown to
    significantly reduce acute migraine symptoms more safely than other available treatments. Magnesium supplementation in the diet can help reduce migraine frequency, but when a migraine hits, the most effective delivery method is via IV therapy. We provide the recommended therapeutic dose for maximum effect while ensuring that the treatment is safe for all.
  • How Does Toradol Help?
    Toradol is an optional addition to our Migraine Relief IV treatment. Toradol is the brand name for an NSAID called ketorolac, which is commonly used to
    effectively treat migraines, and is considered safe for any migraine sufferer, including children. It is used to reduce inflammation and swelling in tissues. Ask about including Toradol in your treatment when you come for your appointment!

At Olivera Weight Loss, we are committed to helping our patients achieve healthy living through the most effective means available. With Migraine Relief IV Therapy, our patients find relief from acute migraine symptoms after just one hour of therapeutic rest in a relaxing setting as the infusion does its healing work. We are proud to offer our patients fast, effective relief from the debilitating effects of a migraine. 

Book your appointment now to experience swift relief and get back to feeling like yourself again!

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