Finding Joy For the Holidays

Finding Joy For the Holidays

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The countdown to all of our holidays is in full effect! We all have different ways of getting excited for the festivities, whether it be planning family get togethers, watching our favorite holiday movies, or even counting how many sleeps we have left until the big day. Admittedly, sometimes these can be a bit repetitive, but that’s not a bad thing. After all, it’s not just the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the coziest, so why not stick to the classics? But why not mix it up a little, and try to get the best of both worlds? New experiences are not only super fun, but they can also make us appreciate our traditions even more once we start to fall back on our traditions. Not to mention, when we’re happy, it is much easier to follow any weight loss plan we are on, if only because being happy just seems to make everything seem easier. So, let’s explore some ways we can find (and spread) as much joy as possible this holiday season.

New You, New Recipes

While we realize everybody has their tried-and-true holiday favorites when it comes to food, there is no harm in trying something new. Be adventurous in the kitchen! Considering how we generally have a tendency to buy a huge amount of ingredients for prep, why not go all out and take a chance with something new? To the most disciplined among us, who want to keep the momentum going on their weight loss journey, tweak the recipe a bit. Find the sugar substitute you like best, that way you can indulge a little bit more. Being able to snack a little extra without the sugar (and guilt) from time to time not only makes it easier to stay on track, but just makes the whole season more enjoyable. We all deserve a treat from time to time. But about those extra ingredients we mentioned earlier…

Spread the Love

What is the point of getting so many different supplies for the kitchen if we don’t use it all? Thinking of making cookies for family and close friends? Go ahead and use the whole bag of flour, and make little care packages for neighbors, coworkers, and most importantly, for anyone less fortunate than us. Sharing is caring and showing that we care for others means we are spreading that joy and goodwill. Happiness is contagious, and so it is not at all surprising how good generosity makes us feel.


This one is obvious, yet sometimes we just don’t do it. All too often we make excuses to get out of whatever activity is taking place. The best way to find joy this holiday season is to be an active participant in it. So, add a bit of “yes” to the holiday, and maybe a bit of whimsy, just because there really is no better season for it. Ugly Christmas Sweater party? Yes please! Gag gift exchange? Obviously. Making snow angels or a snowman? Why not. These are just a few examples, but even if they seem goofy or cliché, the memories stay with us forever, and the laughter shared is always a phenomenal reminder of the bonds we share with each other.

Include Everyone

Just as participating means we include ourselves in whatever is going on, it goes both ways. Not everyone has the same holiday traditions, and more to the point, not everyone celebrates the same holiday. But don’t let that stop you from inviting people to partake in whatever it is you’re doing. Sharing our traditions with those who celebrate differently is fun, exciting, and a fantastic way to grow closer to each other. It can also be a learning experience for everyone involved, which is always a good thing. Not to mention, we all get a sense of satisfaction when we introduce someone to something they haven’t experienced before.


This one is a bit harder for most of us, given the hectic nature of making plans. But there is a middle ground, and that is: use devices to plan, but once everyone is gathered, put them away. This is a hard habit to break, but life is so full of “blink and you’ll miss them” moments, that it would be a shame to miss these moments at a time when everyone is happiest. When we keep our focus on the here and now, with the ones we love (and new friends!) we end up getting the most out of the experience, even if we don’t admit it.

Don’t Hold Out For Perfect

We have made this point before, but given the joyful nature of the season, it’s best to repeat it. No matter how well we plan, it will never be 100% perfect, and that’s ok. Worrying about little hiccups is a surefire way to make ourselves miserable, so honestly, why bother? Once our celebrations are underway, we would do well to live in the moment, and stop worrying about every little thing. That’s what tax season is for. So, for now, whenever something seems like it may go wrong, take a deep breath, adapt, and keep on enjoying the holiday!

Make a Plan to Keep it Going

While the holiday season can’t last forever, we can and should try to prolong our happiness as long as we can. The most common way we do this is by way of New Year’s Resolutions. We break them more often than not, but that’s no excuse to stop trying. So, whether we are trying to find a way to keep the joy alive, or learning how to let the little things go, or maybe even focusing on staying on track with our weight loss journeys, we should make a plan to stay committed to anything that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Commit To Improvement

This goes hand in hand with our previous point, but it is more concerned with self-improvement. Make no mistake, finding ways to keep our happiness streak going is for sure a great thing, but sometimes the thing that makes us happiest is knowing that we are making progress with our personal goals.

For us at Olivera Weight Loss, that means consistently making the effort to treat and serve our patients as befits them. With genuine care, support, and a safe approach to improving health. We have now been at it for over 40 years, and every one of those years has been our sincere privilege. It is one we don’t take for granted, and we will always keep endeavoring to help our patients to the best of our ability. So, to all of our patients, past, present, and future, Happy Holidays from the Olivera Weight Loss Team.


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