For Our Patients: What to Expect During COVID-19 Health Screening

For Our Patients: What to Expect During COVID-19 Health Screening

As part of our ongoing commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of all of our patients and staff, health screenings are being conducted in the lobby of our building for all patients and staff. For your convenience, here is a brief look at what to expect:

What to Expect When You Arrive

COVID-19 Screenings will be done in the lobby of the building for everyone wishing to enter. We want to ensure the health and safety of everyone who comes to our office. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time for your screening. The screening process involves a forehead temperature scan. Masks are required for all visitors, including patients and staff. You will be asked a few questions, primarily your name, contact information, and the purpose of your visit. Once cleared, you will receive a sticker showing you have been screened and it will list your temperature on it. You are then free to continue on to your appointment.

  • Patients cannot be seen in our office who demonstrate symptoms of infection during the lobby screening, who have been recently exposed to a confirmed or suspected person with COVID-19, or who have a pending COVID-19 test.
  • If any of the above applies to you, request an appointment with our telehealth providers so that you can receive care as safely and conveniently as possible.
  • COVID-19 guidelines are continuously developing, and requirements may change to reflect new information.
  • We thank you for your patience, and for helping us to ensure the health of everyone who comes to see us.

For Our Office

  • Social Distancing: We will be limiting the number of patients in our reception waiting area. NO GUESTS may be brought with patients.
  • Appointment Spacing: Patients will be seen by appointment ONLY. Appointments are how we ensure safe spacing and limited exposure for everyone’s health and safety. Please plan to arrive at your designated appointment time.
  • Cleaning: We will implement continuous cleaning of all surfaces with a virucidal disinfectant before and after every patient.
  • Social Distancing: We will take measures to ensure proper spacing, including spacing appointments to manage traffic, limiting the waiting area to one patient at a time, and maintaining six foot distances between patients and staff.
  • PPE: All staff will be wearing PPE that meets CDC safety standards.
  • Hand Hygiene: Our staff will continue to follow CDC guidelines for “Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings”
  • Limited Exposure: We will conduct abbreviated appointments to ensure limited exposure and allow time for thorough cleaning protocols.
  • Health Screenings: Staff health screenings will be completed before each shift. In the event a staff member displays viral signs and symptoms, CDC quarantine measures will be implemented immediately. Any staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 patients will follow CDC guidelines before returning to work.

About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that can spread from person-to-person. The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person, between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). Transmission occurs through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Some recent studies have suggested that COVID-19 may be spread by people who are not showing symptoms. Safety measures to combat the spread of this disease are being adopted around the world, and are updated to reflect best practices as we learn more about how this disease is transmitted.

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