Get to Know Beautify IV Hydration Therapy

Get to Know Beautify IV Hydration Therapy

When it comes to nourishing a healthy and robust appearance, our patients prefer the outstanding benefits of the Beautify IV. Our Beautify IV formula contains not just a boost in overall hydration, it also provides a gentle boost in Biotin and a powerful surge in Glutathione, creating the perfect support for a healthy appearance that starts from within. 

Why Hydration? Any health-minded individual can praise the virtues of hydration. While experts may disagree on the optimal amount of water needed, there is agreement that It supports a number of vital functions, and it is commonly agreed that busy adults are often not hydrating enough. With Beautify IV, the goal is of course to support overall health, but also to encourage a clear complexion and a healthy glow

Biotin to support healthy hair and nails. Although Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin B7, has a number of health benefits, it is included in Beautify IV to provide a healthy boost to hair and fingernails. Biotin deficiency can cause hair and nails to become brittle and can even trigger hair loss. A gentle boost in Biotin can have a profound effect.

Glutathione to protect against aging and toxins. The benefits of glutathione are numerous and well-known, providing protection from both external toxins and internal stress. Its inclusion in our Beautify IV treatment is intended to help minimize signs of aging. It is especially beneficial in our Beautify IV Therapy, as this antioxidant is best delivered to the body away from harsh stomach acids.

We believe that a healthy appearance begins with a healthy body, and we work to ensure that our patients are well-informed and empowered. There is no greater satisfaction than in helping our patients discover the benefits of supporting health at every level. Try Beautify IV today – book your appointment now to achieve real, noticeable results on the journey to whole-body beauty, health, and wellness.

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