Get to Know Lipo-MAX – 4 Packs Now Available!

Get to Know Lipo-MAX – 4 Packs Now Available!

There has never been a better time to get to know Lipo-MAX, one of our most popular Booster Shots. In the cold months, when activity is less attractive and healthy living plans feel the most challenging, Lipo-MAX is a tool many of our patients turn to in order to move through the stagnant period and still see results.

What are Booster Shots? Booster Shots, also sometimes called Intramuscular Booster Shots, are injections of higher doses of select nutrients to get desirable results. We offer a range of Boosters Shots to address our patients’ most common needs. All are best administered within the context of an overall healthy living plan, to help provide a boost to the natural effects of good healthy living practices.

Our Lipo-MAX Booster is one of the most popular booster shots we offer, and with good reason. With a mix of vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids, our Lipo-MAX Booster formula includes Choline, Inositol, Methionine, B6, and B12. This can help with fat metabolism, increase the production of lecithin by the liver, aid weight management, help lower cholesterol in blood vessels, and increase natural energy production from B vitamins.

What’s the difference between a B12 Booster Shot and Lipo-MAX? We offer all of our Medical Weight Management patients B12 injections, to help boost energy, metabolism, and digestive health. While it can help most of our patients see improved results from their healthy living program, for some a more comprehensive boost is beneficial. That is where Lipo-MAX comes in! A concentrated addition of a more comprehensive array of helpful vitamins and minerals can address more complex needs or more serious deficiencies. As part of an overall program aimed at raising activity levels and adjusting diet to focus on more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, Lipo-MAX can help boost critical nutrient levels and help patients overcome sluggishness and fatigue as they work to create healthy lasting change.

We make healthy living boosts affordable! We believe in making healthy living attainable for everybody and every body, and part of that includes ensuring that we offer our best treatments at an affordable price. Lipo-MAX Booster Shots are available for just $25. To achieve the best results, we recommend committing to a program of weekly Booster Shots for at least a month, which is why we are offering a special price on a Lipo-MAX 4-Pack: Get a treatment package of four (4) Lipo-MAX injections for $90!

At Olivera Weight Loss, healthy living for every body is our priority, and we strive to bring the best in cutting edge and proven techniques to our patients. There is no greater satisfaction than in helping our patients discover the benefits of a healthy mind and body. Try Lipo-MAX today – book an appointment online now to achieve real, noticeable results on the journey to whole-body health and wellness..

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