Old Vending Machine

Old Vending Machine

Today just about everyone agrees that the number one cause of overweight and obesity in the United States is the consumption of processed foods like Doritos, Snickers, Coke, and Pepsi. We Americans buy a lot of this stuff from vending machines, and it’s packed with sugar, salt, and fat.

Olivera Weight Loss knows something about this because we have been helping patients lose weight for almost 40 years. Our patients come from all over Chicagoland  we help them with their cravings for these tasty, but very addictive and unhealthy foods.

Recently I started thinking about the vending machines down the hall from our office. While these vending machines are often used by the employees in the building, our staff began to notice that some of our patients (and their children) were stopping to buy snacks and drinks from the vending machines, either before or after their office visit with us. The problem: they were loaded with Snickers, M&Ms, and Reese’s candy bars! And the drink machine offered lots of Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Old Vending Machine1

We thought about how courageously our patients confront their weight loss challenges, and could not escape from knowing that the foods in those machines were often one of the main culprits in their lives.

I contacted our landlord and explained our concerns, and asked if they would consider stocking the