Healthy Eating Made Easy

Healthy Eating Made Easy

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One of the hardest parts of trying to eat a healthier diet is changing our relationship with food. There are several reasons why, but the biggest one is always simply habit. Humans are creatures of habit, and when we develop a liking for something, it becomes very difficult to avoid. But as we all know, eating a healthy diet is an important part of maintaining overall health and wellness, but it can be challenging to know where to start. At Olivera, we believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. In fact, with time and dedication, healthy eating can be just as enjoyable but significantly more rewarding! All it takes is practice. After all, the more we do something, the better we get at it. And the better we get at it, the more we like it. So today, let’s go over some safe and easy tips to help start and maintain a healthier diet.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

We all heard this growing up, and we still hear it today, and for good reason! Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and fiber, and they can help you feel full and satisfied. And even though we don’t always admit it, they can be super tasty. The key is to start off simple, with the ones we are familiar with and know we enjoy. As we continue to add these more frequently into our diet, we can branch out with unfamiliar fruits and veggies, or even with ones we didn’t like! After all, it takes time to acquire a taste. The same is true for a habit. So with that in mind, aim to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. If you’re not a big fan of veggies, try adding them to soups, sauces, or smoothies to make them easier to handle. Either way, get those nutrients!

Choose Whole Grains

This one is tough for many of us who love certain breads and cereals. But the simple fact is that whole grains are a healthier choice than refined grains because they contain more fiber and nutrients. They also contain significantly less added sugar more often than not. Look for breads, cereals, and pasta that are made from whole grains, and try incorporating more whole grain options into your meals, such as brown rice, quinoa, and oats. But we won’t move on without a pro-tip! One of the reasons we don’t go for whole grains is because when we’re in the bread aisle at the grocery store, they can be harder to see, or are sometimes more expensive. However, most big grocery stores have a bakery next to or near the deli station, and the breads made in store are usually delicious and more affordable. They also tend to be heartier, so try for whole grain breads directly from the bakery and enjoy!

Choose Lean Protein Sources

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, but it’s important to choose lean sources to minimize your intake of saturated fat. After all, we can’t say we’re eating a healthy diet if all of our protein is coming from burgers or other fatty meats.  Healthier options include chicken, turkey, fish, beans, and tofu. If you opt for options such as ground beef or ground turkey, it’s easy enough to find to information you need. Check the label, as they generally inform us of what percent is lean vs. fat! When it comes to fish in particular, the word “fatty” generally isn’t as bad because with fish like salmon and tuna, this refers to heart healthy unsaturated fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids.

Limit Added Sugars

Added sugars are found in many processed foods, and they can contribute to weight gain and other health problems. To reduce your intake of added sugars, try to choose foods that are minimally processed, and read labels to see how much sugar is in the foods you eat. If the craving for something sweet is too overpowering, it’s easy to find a substitute, but keep in mind, not all sweeteners are the same. Safe choices include Stevia or Agave, or a touch of honey!

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important for your overall health, as it plays a huge role in many of our vital functions, such as functioning as a lubricant for our joints as well as protecting our muscle tissue and spinal cord. But as it pertains to our diet, it can also help us feel full and satisfied. So don’t skimp and aim to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and more if you’re exercising.

Eat Mindfully

This is an issue that most of us have struggled with at some point or another. In short, pay attention to what you are eating and how you are feeling. Are you really hungry, or are you eating because you’re bored or stressed? Are you enjoying your food, or are you eating too quickly to even taste it? Eating mindfully can help you make healthier choices and enjoy your food more. And like we’ve stated in the past, slowing down while we eat gives our bodies more time to adjust and for our brains to realize we are full.

Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge Occasionally

Anyone who is on a weight loss journey does so with the best intentions. We all hope to live as long and healthy a life as possible. But sometimes, this means we go a little bit overboard in our efforts to take care of ourselves. But keep in mind, being so rigid is not sustainable for long term weight loss. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in a while, as long as it’s in moderation. That’s just self-care. Just make sure to balance your indulgences with healthy, balanced meals the rest of the time. An easy way to stick to this is to plan indulgences ahead of time!

Help from Medical Professionals Goes a Long Way

By incorporating these easy strategies into your daily routine, you can make healthier eating a natural part of your life. But when all is said and done, a healthy lifestyle falls under the category of medical science. By seeking the help of trained professionals, you not only have better resources to succeed, but the support structure you need to continue building better habits. Sustaining these habits during your weight loss journey, and maintaining them beyond, is essential to help keep your momentum! The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have over 40 years of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off.


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