Apple in red tapeWhat’s on your wish list this holiday season? This is the perfect opportunity to ask for a gift that will help aid in your new healthy lifestyle. Ask for a gift that will keep on giving throughout the whole year! No more bottles of liquor or boxes of chocolates! Get a jumpstart on your New Year’s resolution with some of these great gift ideas for any price range.


  • Customized Meal Planner: How do you just buy one with so many funky designs and patterns to choose from?! Personalize your own Meal Planner or Calorie and Exercise Diary to help you stay on track this year!
  • Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker by Brookstone: Get REAL natural flavors in your water from this bottle that infuses the juice from your favorite fruits and veggies. Save yourself from artificial additives and sweeteners. Leave the chemicals behind this New Year!
  • My Blend Blender by Oster: No more excuses for missing breakfast! This fashion savvy individual blender makes mixing up a smoothie as easy as 1,2,3! Just add your fixings, blend and away you go! The base is your to-go container so no messy clean up, either.
  • Fit Deck Exercise Playing Cards: UNO is fun and all but why not burn some calories instead? There are over 40 decks of custom playing cards for people of all ages and fitness abilities. Shuffle the cards for new and exciting workouts each time you play! Whether you’re a CrossFit champ or an expecting mom-to-be, there’s a deck for everyone, even Grandma!