Nutrition Consultations

A Nutrition Consultation is a one-on-one appointment with a registered dietitian.  Our dietitian, Cassandra, will start the appointment by gathering information from you regarding your overall health and weight-related goals.  She will inquire about your current eating habits, lifestyle, and exercise patterns and preferences.  She’ll analyze this information, along with your overall health history, and work with you to develop an individualized plan you can follow to achieve your goals.

This approach is not “one size fits all”. It’s geared towards meeting YOUR needs and helping you find a strategy that fits YOUR life!  This means that whether you are looking only for a few “big bang for your buck” kinds of changes or you are ready for a whole diet makeover, a Nutrition Consultation can help.  Ongoing Nutrition Consultations (follow-ups) help to provide the continued support, information and strategies you need to overcome barriers or challenges and provide the expertise to drive you to success.

As an introductory rate