The term lipotropic means “fat loving,” and these agents play an important role in how the liver metabolizes fat. Lipotropic injections contain a combination of B vitamins, an amino acid, and other nutrients to help drive the breakdown of fat. Through their involvement in fat metabolism, they can help maintain a healthy liver but may also help with weight loss.  Many of our patients find them helpful in promoting weight loss.

What do they do?

• They increase the production of lecithin by the liver, which helps metabolize fats. This helps lower cholesterol in the blood vessels, potentially decreasing gallstone formation.

• They prevent the accumulation of fats in the liver, which can improve liver function.

• They increase natural energy production from B vitamins.

What are some of the important functions of the individual lipotropic agents?

• Choline is a nutrient usually grouped with the B-complex vitamins. It metabolizes fat. Deficiency in choline can lead to liver disease.

• Inositol is a nutrient usually grouped with the B-complex vitamins. Deficiency in inositol can lead to hair loss. Caffeine may cause depletion of inositol.

• Methionine is an amino acid. It acts as a catalyst for choline and inositol. Along with choline, it can aid in reducing liver fat and protect the kidneys.

What are the common side effects of the injections?

• Injection site tenderness, itchiness or bruising

• Upset stomach

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