Lose Weight With These 5 Effortless Tips

Lose Weight With These 5 Effortless Tips

The words “effortless” and “lose weight” don’t usually go together.  Losing weight can be stressful and challenging, but with these 5 easy tips, you can get started on your path to losing weight without effort!

First, each of these tips takes a little effort to start, but then are complete effortless to follow.  Put in that little investment on the “front-end” and you will have the pleasure of losing weight effortlessly in the days to come!

1 – Buy smaller plates.  Research shows that when we eat off of smaller plates, we eat less without trying to!

2 – Clean off your counters.  If you keep unhealthy food on your counters, either remove the junk food from you home completely, or, at the very least, put it out of sight.  Research shows that if unhealthy food is sitting out, we will eat more of it than if it is sitting in a pantry.  The farther away the pantry is from being convenient to grab a snack out of, the better.  If you don’t want to remove junk food from your home completely, put it in a cabinet that is hard to reach or in a pantry in the basement.  Creating the small barrier of having to make an effort to get unhealthy food helps most people eat less of it.

3 – Store healthy food at eye level and unhealthy food above or below eye level.  This applies to your fridge and your cabinets.  You are more likely to eat foods you see first, so put the healthier foods in your line of sight!

4 – Keep soda, desserts, and other junk food out of the house!  Most people eat far less junk foods if they don’t keep them stocked at home.

5 – Keep healthy snacks readily available.  This tip takes a little more effort, but if you put in effort once a week to prepare some healthy snacks, like a veggie tray and a fruit tray, it will be effortless throughout the week to grab a healthy snack, keeping you on track with your weight loss goals.

Olivera Weight Loss specializes in helping people lose weight.

We use research-proven strategies, approaches and tools to help our patients achieve successful weight loss.  We offer a variety of services to meet your needs.  In our remote Nutrition Consultations, our Registered Dietitian develops a plan customized to meet your needs without you ever having to leave your home.  Phentermine, an FDA approved appetite suppressant proven to help patients lose weight, is available at Olivera Weight Loss for patients who qualify.  We offer all services in a caring, supportive environment. For more information on pricing and our other services, please visit our webpage or give us a call at 773-327-6624.  Follow us on Facebook for free weight loss tips, recipes and more.

*Please note, appointments are required for new patients and strongly encouraged for returning patients to minimize wait times.*

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