Broccoli, the vegetable we all easily forget about. People report that broccoli is one of their least popular vegetables, but current research is showing that it may be one of the BEST for you!!

Here are some of the most important benefits:

  1. Anti-inflammatory effects that fight against OSTEOARTHRITIS and JOINT PAIN.
  2. Assists in lowering CHOLESTEROL.
  3. Can assist in increasing VITAMIN D levels.
  4. Consists of enzymes that help fight against CANCER.
  5. DIGESTIVE support.
  6. Assists in maintaining EYE HEALTH.
  7. Improves SKIN HEALTH.
  8. CARDIOVASCULAR benefits.
  9. Improves IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Now, I have to admit, when I was younger I was one of those that “forgot” about broccoli. But recently I was researching natural ways to increase my immune system. I was suddenly reminded of all these great qualities broccoli has to offer.  Besides all this, broccoli is cheap! My fridge is now full for days.

At Olivera Weight Loss we help people understand that broccoli is good for your overall health, AND eating more broccoli along with other vegetables can help you lose weight!

So why would you pass up these amazing benefits that broccoli offers?  Next time you’re at the grocery, swing by the produce isle and snatch some up! Hurry before it’s all gone!

Jayme R, FNP-C